Earnest and Sumiko
We are soy beam

We are producing Premium hand-crafted unpasteurized, or Nama (生) Jorinji Miso in Portland, Oregon. Our Miso takes from 6 months to 3 years of natural fermentation (天然醸造)in the Portland climate. We use the traditional recipe passed down for over 1300 years in Japan to bring you quality not found in other standard brands of Miso.

Over A Couple Of Decades In The Making

We made our first batch of miso over two decades ago because we couldn't find the unique, hand-made miso in the US. Since then, we have received many words of encouraging support from our customers, and while making Miso, we have expanded with a whole line of products.

Sadly, Sumiko, the founder of Jorinji Miso, passed away suddenly while visiting family in 2013. In honor of her memory, we are working towards continuing her legacy of fine, hand crafted Miso. With each new hurdle we clear, we focus our passion and spirit on making the best product possible.

Earnest and Sumiko
Earnest and Sumiko
The story behind the name

We adapted the name Jorinji from the Heirinji (平林寺) temple, which is near Sumiko's house in Saitama, Japan. We replaced the Hei (平) character with Jo (成), which means success. The meaning of our product name, Jorinji (成林寺) is Success Forest Temple.